I’m not the richest person in the world, so if I want to take my family on a vacation it has to be in the states and we have to be able to drive there. I would prefer to find a destination off the beaten track and it would be great if it was a eco-friendly destination.  So when I saw this treehouse vacation home and found it it was a sustainable destination, my inner tree hugger was jumping up and down for joy. Now i just need to figure out how to overcome my fear of heights 😦

Temple of the Blue Moon
This charming treetop cottage is just one of the many treehouse lodgings available at Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Wash. Nelson, a world-renowned treehouse builder and author, created this sustainable destination as a beautiful, educational getaway that provides visitors with a unique way to connect with nature. The Temple of the Blue Moon sits partway up a 300-year-old, 160-foot-tall Sitka Spruce and boasts skylights, built-in cedar beds and handmade quilts.

Via Mother Nature Network


I thought Ki Nassauer’s Vintage Suitcase Shelves was a great way to repurpose these vintage flea market find. I am not sure what you have to do to the back so they will hang but they look great.

Ki Nassauer, editor-in-chief of Fleamarket Style magazine and founder of JunkMarket, a monthly sale of vintage and repurposed finds, knows a diamond in the rough when she sees it. This has earned her the nickname “The Martha Stewart of Junk.”
We’re big fans of finding new uses for vintage suitcases, as shown here, here and here, but mounting them on the wall and using them as shelves is something I’ve never seen before. I love it! And the blue wall that they’re mounted on is such a nice compliment to the tones of the cases.

Via Apartment Therapy

Homeowner has installed a deep rich brown cork flooring in the kitchen and a natural color in the basement bonus room. Both installations turned out amazing and homeowner is extremely happy with the completed project.


Cork underlayment is the perfect insulator for any type of flooring, so it always amazes me that such few people use it when installing new floors. This homeowner had the foresight to install cork underneath their laminate which will help reduce room noise and help insulate the floor.  Good On Ya!

Homeowner has installed cork floating floor in their bathroom which is perfect for walking barefoot in. Make sure you visit their Flickr site

Tembo, Tembo Stool


Swedish design group Note Design Studio has created a great collection of seating, lighting and storage pieces. The Tembo stool (Swahili for elephant) is styled after the large pad like feet of the elephant and uses cork as the cushion.

Tembo is Swahili for elephant. When elephants walk, they always have at least one foot on the ground. They don’t run. Because of their straight legs and large pad-like feet elephants can stand for very long periods of time without getting tired. Just like our Tembo table and stool. They are part of our collection Marginal Notes #1, still in development and yet without a producer.

Via Otto-Otto.com

Building a spec home is always a risk since the builder is paying for the cost of the home out of pocket and only gets paid when they sell the home. Because of this builders typically build a home in a way that will appeal to the most buyers so that they can sell the house quickly. However one of our customers decided be bold and use cork flooring and other sustainable materials to make their home as green as possible. If the building industry had more people like this our community would not be filled with energy sucking McMansions.

Via Flooring Store Online

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