Austin is known for SXSW and is the place where all the hip young Texans live and is a hot bed for homeowners who are open to using sustainable products in their homes. We receive a lot of inquires from this part of Texas and this homeowner did an amazing kitchen renovation. I am super impressed with their two tone cabinets because I hate matchey-matchey and their brown cork tiles is a nice complement to their lower cabinets. Overall this will be a great party kitchen.


Apartment Therapy is running a contest on small cool spaces and Jennifer’s submission caught my eye because of her cork accent wall that functions as a place to hang pictures and mementos. I like how she used a picture frame to highlight one of her objects. Nice Touch! The even more amazing thing about her apartment is that it is only 136 sf! 

What I Love About My Small Home
I love the light, the trees outside my windows and the quiet calm of my home. I love that despite its size, my studio has become a gathering place for my friends. Between the settee, the leather ottoman, the tufted chair and the two wooden chairs, my apartment can seat six people and the floor is always open! In this case, ‘intimate’ proved much more than a realtor’s euphemism.

Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
As my bed is the biggest thing in my apartment, it was very difficult to avoid making it the focal point of the space. For the first six months, adjusting the layout became a monthly sport. However, the set up shown here has stood the test of time. I opted to put the bed at the far end of the apartment behind the leather settee and hang a curtain divider. This works to section off a living space and allows me to walk in the door without immediately falling into bed!

Click on the link to see more photos of her place at Apartment Therapy

We talk about sustainability as objects that you can purchase to help the environment. Buy cork flooring, buy eco-friendly products, buy bamboo and the world will be a better place. But one of the biggest factors in living a sustainable lifestyle is purchasing only the items you need.

I feel that one of the areas that Americans need to scale back on is the size of the homes we live in. Yes it is great to have a lot of square footage to move around in but having a theater room, bonus room, finished basement really a necessity for a small family? Have you thought how much energy it takes to heat and light these rooms?

This micro home is to the extreme but do we really need a McMansion for a family of 3? Of course we love the cork flooring they are using in this micro home.

One big key to small-spacing living is vertical space – with nine feet in each horizontal direction, the only way to go is up. At the same time, this particular design manages to look like it evolved somehow organically, with elements not simply occupying every spare spot. Read More

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It seems as if cork flooring was a big thing in the 50’s. I guess between cigarettes, martinis and swinging our grandparents were installing cork in their home.

Wow!!! Not sure who the Art Director was but that PINK is a really an odd color combination. What do you think?

SSD Architecture has used curved cork flooring which is analogous to petals of the black lotus in this Yoga studio. The cork extends from the flooring and curves up the wall to represent the ground that we stand on.

Black Lotus Yoga  is a non-profit studio dedicated to offering yoga practice as a transformational tool, particularly to those suffering from post-traumatic stress. Budgetary constraints were taken as an opportunity to explore and express the client’s elemental approach to yoga as a ‘simple, well-intended, and imperfect practice.’ The design solution was to abstract the site into two materials: the ground and the sky. Like the practice of yoga, the ground (bendable cork) and the luminous sky (fire-retardant tyvek) merge in the space between (the body) in ways that are both functional and symbolic.

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This beautiful Norwegian home has had cork installed throughout the home for the last 40 years without needing to be replaced.

Built-in benches function both as seating and as spare beds in the living room. Holm says the striped, hand-woven fabric she found in Greece is indestructible, and the cork flooring throughout the house has gone 40 years without needing replacing. Read More

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