My daughter and I always walk by this house that has 4 or 5 toilet bowls outside that are used as planters. She laughs hysterically at them calling it the “Toilet House” and I have tried to tell her the merits of re-using items instead of taking it to the dump. But deep down I think they are really ugly and they may be better in a landfill. – John


This letter was written by Kelly Hawke Baxter at The Natural Step and is a very inspiring piece about showing bold leadership at a time when everyone else is doing what is safe.

Albert Einstein once said, we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. The current global economic crisis is a perfect example of the need for a new way of thinking.

We can’t look at the global economic crisis without also looking at the challenges of the climate crisis, water scarcity, food shortages and extreme poverty. We need to step back and look at the whole system, realize that all these problems are in fact interconnected and that we can’t address our economic concerns in isolation from our social and environmental concerns. These crises are all symptoms of a larger global system that is out of balance. The need for sustainable development has never been greater.

But with so much pressure to cut costs, some people are wondering if businesses can afford to begin or sustain social and environmental initiatives.

We know they can’t afford not to.

Tough times call for bold ideas. Now is not the time for incremental change. Now is the time for transformative change. We need to transform the way we live, work and play to live within the planet’s ability to sustain us while we also address our economic challenges.

The good news is that many leaders understand that sustainable development will be the engine that drives innovation, and create new jobs that are in line with the planets ability to support us. Those businesses and communities that have integrated sustainable development into their operations, decision-making  and planning are not turning from their commitments now.

The Natural Step has been working with leading communities in Canada for many years. We’ve also been working with leaders and innovators in the business community. This newsletter highlights some of our strongest corporate partners and their work toward a sustainable future. In a time when headlines are flooded with the need for belt-tightening and cost-cutting, these businesses have made sustainability an integral part of their business. Their efforts show us the way to a better tomorrow and we’re proud to share their stories with you.


Kelly Hawke Baxter
Executive Director
The Natural Step Canada

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Stephen Perrera works in Tucson Arizona and is a experienced installer of bamboo, laminates, engineered hardwood and cork flooring. With years of experience in the industry, Stephen has the expertise to make sure your flooring installation is done correctly. Contact him if you need a quote on a job at

How about the first prefab that is zero-energy, zero-carbon and LEED Platinum level production home called the C6. The C6 was created by Living Homes in collaboration with Make It Right (founded by Brad Pitt) and each prefab is inspired by Joe Eichler and includes such features as cork flooring and iPhone-controlled lighting system.

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If Lego’s aren’t bright colors will your kids still play with them?

Going green is the talk of the town and people are replacing all non biodegradable’s in their house with earth friendly utilities. A lot of plastic toys have received a bad rep in the past. There is no doubt that everyone wants their children to be safe and healthy. Keeping this concern of consumers in mind, an innovative Japanese company, Colors Tokyo, has crafted building blocks from eco friendly materials.

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The architectural firm of Buff & Hensman built hundreds of homes between 1950 – 2000. They started out designing homes in the post and beam style but they were able to adapt to the trends allowing them to build homes for over 50 years. There attention to detail can be seen in every home they have touched in particular the Norten House which exemplifies the mid century aesthetics and their attention to details. The above photo shows a dining room that use cork glue down tiles.

Read more about them at this website that is dedicated to their work

Body Awareness in San Clemente California installed Aphrodite Natural in their new Pilates studio. “The floors were perfect for our clients who enjoyed the soft cushioning aspect of the flooring under their feet. Even with the heavy equipment we have had no problems with the cork and they have held up beautifully,” said Jennifer G. the Pilates Instructor.

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