The Young House Love blog always has great realistic tips for the DIYer who is looking to add a touch of style to their home. I love the fact that instead of doing something super fancy to stick the tiles together they just used duct tape, which is my favorite choice to fix anything that is broken

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This vintage cork planter is from the 70’s and I have never seen one that is so, ah…. rustic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I may be weird but I think this is VERY cool. $20.00 at Etsy. Click Here.


Another great Etsy fine. It is amazing to think that Etsy started in 2005 and has created a viable marketplace for all the crafty folks out there. This item can be bought for $95.00 at this link.

For all you DIYers, here is a simple project to create a graphic looking cork board that requires four 12 x 12 cork underlayment and a roll of Japanese washi tape (high quality masking tape made of rice paper). Simple to make and it looks VERY COOL.

Hi, I’m Jenn Kirk from the blog Ambrosia Creative. I’m a graphic designer, crafter, and mother to two boys and a new baby girl and this is a simple DIY project that I just love.  With just a few supplies, you can easily create a graphic-patterned corkboard for your workspace in just 20 minutes or less.

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I know this is old news but I thought Design Within Reach received some great, creative submissions on their champagne cork contest. Very fun stuff. – John

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This is a great project for the weekend if you have A LOT of friends coming over. Just drink 350 bottles of wine and follow these directions to make this great cork bath mat for your home.

1. Cut each cork in half lengthwise with a sharp pocket knife. Be patient and careful so you don’t cut a finger off. It’s best if you use natural cork wine corks that are similar length and width. Sand the bottoms flat if any of your cuts are jagged.

2. Arrange the corks into a rectangle, flat sides down. Use a ruler or the lines on a cutting mat to make sure your configuration of corks is as close to a straight rectangle as possible. My mat is 18.5 x 30 inches (10 x 35 cork halves)—a little smaller than a standard size bath mat, but then my bathroom is smaller than a standard size bathroom.

3. Measure and cut the shelf liner to size with a rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat.

4. Transfer the outer rows/columns of corks to the shelf liner and glue them to the top side of the liner. Apply a rectangle-shaped line of glue to the flat side of each cork, about 1/8 inch from the edge, line up the cork with the edge of the mat, and press hard. Wipe away any glue dribbles before it hardens fully, but after it cools (so you don’t burn yourself).

5. Once your frame is in place, transfer the rest of the corks to their corresponding position on the mat. You’ll probably have to do some arranging and trading places to make all the corks fit. Then remove one cork at a time and glue it down. You’re done! Read More

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One of the things that is never mentioned when a homeowner installs cork in their home is that the smell that it gives off is amazing. To me it has a natural rustic smell but the aroma is something that conjurers up different memories for each person. The use of cork in this homeowners renovation helps create a unique environment and rustic quality.

The entire wall is covered in cork, and it smells amazing. I know it sounds bizarre, but I always take a whiff of it while going up or down the stairs; it smells a little like red wine and cigar smoke and brings to mind wonderful parties. Read More

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