How Big Is Your Footprint?


We talk about sustainability as objects that you can purchase to help the environment. Buy cork flooring, buy eco-friendly products, buy bamboo and the world will be a better place. But one of the biggest factors in living a sustainable lifestyle is purchasing only the items you need.

I feel that one of the areas that Americans need to scale back on is the size of the homes we live in. Yes it is great to have a lot of square footage to move around in but having a theater room, bonus room, finished basement really a necessity for a small family? Have you thought how much energy it takes to heat and light these rooms?

This micro home is to the extreme but do we really need a McMansion for a family of 3? Of course we love the cork flooring they are using in this micro home.

One big key to small-spacing living is vertical space – with nine feet in each horizontal direction, the only way to go is up. At the same time, this particular design manages to look like it evolved somehow organically, with elements not simply occupying every spare spot. Read More

Via Dornob


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