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Made of 100% recycled natural cork, this minimalistic design is a great looking accessory.

The Cork Cuff designed by Donna Piacenza and produced by Studio 1AM employs 100-percent-recycled natural cork as a wearable material. Each piece is cut from a single block previously used for storage or display. It’s also unisex—perfect for the boy on your list who sports a little bling. Read More

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The Shift Home Project made a effort to find the best companies to help them with sourcing the best materials that fit with the vision of their project. The flooring store they chose was Braid Flooring and if you click on the above video you will here why Christian Braid chose cork for this home.

A critical mass of people with ideas and expertise is working to shift a segment of the market to something more innovative and sustainable. Olson, for example, is working with his friend Daren McLean and a group of innovators to design and build what they are calling the Shift Home.

An interesting thing about this project is its use of the Internet as a medium for collaboration. Design ideas are posted on a website ( and anybody can critique them, add their own ideas and watch how the design and planning process shifts.. Read More

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The Shift home is a project was conceived by Daren McLean and Curtis Olson to develop a home that a person making $40,000 a year could afford. Sketches and design of the home were posted online and received 120,000 comments some positive and some negative. As Daren and Curtis say, “When you ask for feedback you better be ready to listen. Even if it isn’t what you want to hear” The Shift Project pulled together some great manufactures who helped them create a sustainable and affordable home.

The Shift Home is attempting to be both more sustainable and affordable. One important way to achieve affordability is to include a suite in the home. Revenue from the suite would make it possible for first time buyers to afford a new, modern and green home. As the new buyers gain equity, they could incorporate the suite in their house, or perhaps use it for a home business. Read More

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I found this to be one of the funnier DIY projects that uses cork. The question is , is your husband or significant other bold enough to wear this fashion forward accessory in public?

Finally, in the fashion department, something for the men. Sartorially speaking, these bow ties are appropriate for every occasion. Sort of….

First seen over at Inhabitat, Nicholas Ruiz is the king of recycling, making each tie out of found and recycled materials that he comes across in his day-to-day life.

It’s not random, darlings, each one is themed to an event. Being a New Yorker, they are lined up with eleven events and exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

For example, the dapper cork number (above) was made of wine and champagne corks and created to wear at “German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse. Read More

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Trevor O’Neil who is a furniture designer, painter, and sculptor who has created this interesting cork sofa with multiple sitting areas. The great thing about Trevor’s couch is that it is more work of art then furniture in my opinion.

Trevor O’Neil’s furniture is made to order and are made from recycled or discarded materials making each piece unique and one of a kind. Trevor O’Neil Design studio is based in Chicago, IL.

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The woven pattern on this clutch cover adds a beautiful texture but will definitely take some time since you will have to cut each strip out and then weave them together. The effect however is really cool. If you have some time and cork underlayment lying around follow these simple instructions and show off your DIY skills to your friends.

How cute is this little cork clutch?! I originally bought sheets of very thin cork for a DIY show makeover, but thought it a little too delicate for that kind of foot traffic.  Instead, I did a little woven wallet makeover! Here’s how! Read More

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