Conserve. Explore. Inspire


It’s great to have the commitment and the courage to live out your convictions and Cece and Brenda have done just that by greening a Airstream, including cork flooring and spreading the message of sustainability one mile at a time. 

They started their journey on 8/2011 and converted an old Airstream using American Clay walls and ceilings, solar panels, eco-friendly furniture and waterless composting toilet. The Airstream is towed by a diesel truck that has been converted to a lean mean veggie oil machine to prove to the people they meet that it is possible to live simply and off the grid.

Cece Reinhardt + Brenda Daugherty.  Our goal is to green an Airstream, turn a used diesel truck into a veggie oil machine and hit the road in complete “off the grid” style.  Our quest to live outside the lines and explore what it means to be sustainable, comfortable and bold has led us here.  Exploration and educational outreach will be our primary objectives…. we seek to partner with businesses, schools and non-profits to promote On the Green Road – driving towards sustainability one mile at a time.  



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