A lot of times we get customers who will install cork in a single room and we applaud them for taking the first step into using sustainable materials. But when we get a customer who is willing to install cork in their entire home, we get really excited because the impact you get when you see cork all around you is a beautiful sight.

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We love it when a customer finds a different use for our cork tiles and this customer decided to use it on the walls instead of the floor. If you look at the before and after photos, you would have to agree the transformation is amazing.

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Cork floating floors is a designed so that it can be quickly installed by any homeowner and requires a minimum amount of tools and knowledge. With its tongue and groove locking system, a customer does not need to use glue or nails to snap the floor together. The above photo is from one of our customers who was able to complete their renovation quickly so they could enjoy their new flooring and room.

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Homeowner has installed cork floating floor in their bathroom which is perfect for walking barefoot in. Make sure you visit their Flickr site

Building a spec home is always a risk since the builder is paying for the cost of the home out of pocket and only gets paid when they sell the home. Because of this builders typically build a home in a way that will appeal to the most buyers so that they can sell the house quickly. However one of our customers decided be bold and use cork flooring and other sustainable materials to make their home as green as possible. If the building industry had more people like this our community would not be filled with energy sucking McMansions.

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Great installation of cork flooring in the hallway. Nice simple transition to carpet makes the installation look super clean.

Redbud Construction Services has installed a cork floating floor in a upstairs bonus room in a Cape Cod renovation. The cork will be perfect for those cold winters when you want to walk around bare footed.

Visit Redbud Construction website for more information about their installations and if you would like to hire them for a project.

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