The architectural firm of Buff & Hensman built hundreds of homes between 1950 – 2000. They started out designing homes in the post and beam style but they were able to adapt to the trends allowing them to build homes for over 50 years. There attention to detail can be seen in every home they have touched in particular the Norten House which exemplifies the mid century aesthetics and their attention to details. The above photo shows a dining room that use cork glue down tiles.

Read more about them at this website that is dedicated to their work


Most people I am friendly with have heard of Bauhaus, either the band (which I grew up on) or the art movement. The founder of the German design school known as Bauhaus was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century and he utilized materials that best reflected the principals of maximum efficiency and simplicity of design. The photos above show Walter Gropius own personal home that uses cork tiles downstairs and on the spiral suitcase.

Visit The Gropius House website to read more and see photos.

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