The Hot Seat


Art school was a great time for me because I was able to explore all of those “stupid” ideas and wrap it in some Freudian explanation to make me look cool while wearing my turtle neck and Barrett. But every now and then you create something in those hazy college years that resonates with others and as I use to say “It isn’t complete crap!”

College student Andy has taken an object destined for the land fill and breathed a new soul into it by making it into a chair. I love the sense humor in this.

Anyone who has lived in a tiny city apartment can tell you that the oven is the perfect storage place for bulky comforters and other hard-to-store items. But design graduate Andy took that concept to crazy genius levels with his transforming oven lounge chair. Built as a student project while Andy was attending the University of Cincinnati, the lounge chair was made by taking apart and modifying an existing oven. Adding an internal seat and a removable ottoman, Andy created a truly unexpected new piece of transforming furniture.

Via Dornob


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