Another great Etsy fine. It is amazing to think that Etsy started in 2005 and has created a viable marketplace for all the crafty folks out there. This item can be bought for $95.00 at this link.


Bob Borson wrote a nice article about cork and one of his clients. Mentions APC Cork as a reference. The best quote from him is “I spent a lot of time looking for reasons to use or not use cork. I’ve skimmed millions of pro/con lists … and I have come to the conclusion that everybody has different opinions and experiences. People equally love it or hate it, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency and it’s driving me crazy!!!!”

Via Life Of An Architect

Great installation of cork flooring in the hallway. Nice simple transition to carpet makes the installation look super clean.

Redbud Construction Services has installed a cork floating floor in a upstairs bonus room in a Cape Cod renovation. The cork will be perfect for those cold winters when you want to walk around bare footed.

Visit Redbud Construction website for more information about their installations and if you would like to hire them for a project.

Another happy cork flooring customer who had it installed in a bonus area of their new home. Their exact comments were “I Love My Cork Floor!”

Have a To Do List that is time sensitive? Well thumbtack your list on this vintage cork board/clock and make sure you get your list done in a timely manner. Purchase this item on Etsy.

Via Etsy

Great looking brown cork flooring. Nice complement to the mint green walls. – John

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