OMG! Talking about my death is kind of creepy but I guess it is something that will eventually happen, so when I am cremated I want my ashes to be put in this awesome cork urn. India based industrial design student, Margaux Ruyant has created a cremation urn that has a ceramic memorial engraving on the top and a cork base. You insert a boxwood tree (with bio degradable container)  through the top opening and into your ashes, which fertilize the tree and allow it to grow. The cork base will slowly dissolve, letting the tree roots expand and continue the cycle of life. I always thought I would want my ashes to be scattered in the sea but this is definitely another great option. Still kind of creepy thinking of my death.

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This vintage cork planter is from the 70’s and I have never seen one that is so, ah…. rustic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I may be weird but I think this is VERY cool. $20.00 at Etsy. Click Here.


Portuguese product designer, Tiago Sa da Costa has added some elegant shapes to create a beautiful form

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These cork bowls by Daniel Michalik are beautiful and functional.

Visit Daniel Michalik – Via Tree Hugger

I always love to see the creations made of cork. These objects are clean and functional and will make a great addition to your home.

Via Design Addict

Prais Bowls


Cork exterior and nice coloring for the inside of the bowl. Created by Daniel Michalik

Visit Daniel Michalik – Via Tree Hugger

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