Lauren and Kyle purchased this 1910 home and have transformed the small, choppy 970 sf home into a modern dwelling that still has the original original character of the home. They removed almost all the interior walls  to create a large open home but kept such details as the exposed beams to retain some of the original charm. Lauren and Kyle updated the kitchen in a modern style and chose to use a dark cork flooring through out the entire home. The dark floors and the light walls create a nice contrast that does not make the space feel small. Their apartment is part of the “Small Cool 2012” contest at Apartment Therapy so click the link below and vote for their space.

What I Love About My Small Home
Our 1910 home was dark and cramped when we moved in, but now it’s open and filled with natural light. We love that it’s modern while also celebrating original features, like the exposed joists in the living room. We also love that everything has a purpose and that many elements serve double duty. (For instance, the studio loft doubles as a guest sleeping area, and the guardrail for the stair doubles as a storage “fauxdenza”.) Our house is now more functional, more efficient and a reflection of the way we live.

Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
The biggest challenge of living in a small home was to transform the original layout to meet our current needs (while living in the house and doing the work ourselves!). By removing walls and reconfiguring spaces, we were able to add a second bedroom without increasing the overall footprint. We also took advantage of every square inch – a small studio space was carved out of the attic, the porch was closed in to create a mudroom (so important in Seattle!) and the ceiling was vaulted over the kitchen and dining area to create more volume. A wall of sliding doors maintains privacy for the bedrooms and bathroom without taking up precious floor space, and carefully placed built-ins provide valuable storage for a house that had not a single closet! Because everything is so open, we chose a cohesive palette of bright whites, warm wood tones and pops of color to create a cozy yet modern space that we call home.

Via Apartment Therapy

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