All I can say is “Oooh Ooooh…. I want one!”


This is a sweet little lamp that combines my two fetishes, cork and Apple products. I mean, how awesome is this nicely styled lamp that has a built in USB cable so I can charge my iPhone. The lamp comes in 2 different sizes and the smaller one has a digital clock which makes it perfect for the night stand. The base of the lamp is made of cork so it doesn’t scratch the surface it sits on and also creates the interior base so my lovely phone has a soft cushion to sit on. I only wish the USB cord was longer for the night stand version so I could charge my iPhone while it is under my pillow because I like to wake up to the soothing vibrations of my phone’s alarm clock. Maybe that is to much information…..

Unveiled at Maison & Objet 2012, Hodge Podge USB Lamp creates a little dome beneath which you can keep and charge your beloved items like MP3 players and smart phones. A cork base gives the aforementioned electronic items a safe haven, so they can recharge without getting lost or damaged. Hodge Podge USB Lamp is also a great place to keep other essentials of daily life—keys, wallets, etc.

A smaller version of the table lamp exists which, aside from the USB port, comes equipped with a small alarm clock. Hodge Podge comes in three colors: grey, green, and off-white. The smaller version of Hodge Podge is available in grey and off-white only. Hodge Podge is an excellent choice for bedside tables the world over. People who lose their phones because they always charge them in a different spot will love Hodge Podge.

Via 3 Rings


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