VERY Small Cool Spaces


Apartment Therapy is running a contest on small cool spaces and Jennifer’s submission caught my eye because of her cork accent wall that functions as a place to hang pictures and mementos. I like how she used a picture frame to highlight one of her objects. Nice Touch! The even more amazing thing about her apartment is that it is only 136 sf! 

What I Love About My Small Home
I love the light, the trees outside my windows and the quiet calm of my home. I love that despite its size, my studio has become a gathering place for my friends. Between the settee, the leather ottoman, the tufted chair and the two wooden chairs, my apartment can seat six people and the floor is always open! In this case, ‘intimate’ proved much more than a realtor’s euphemism.

Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
As my bed is the biggest thing in my apartment, it was very difficult to avoid making it the focal point of the space. For the first six months, adjusting the layout became a monthly sport. However, the set up shown here has stood the test of time. I opted to put the bed at the far end of the apartment behind the leather settee and hang a curtain divider. This works to section off a living space and allows me to walk in the door without immediately falling into bed!

Click on the link to see more photos of her place at Apartment Therapy


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