5 Ways to Conserve Water at Little or No Cost


It is amazing how we take water for granted here in the U.S. but in many countries water is a commodity worth more then gold. To show how important water rights are, did you know that the two highest paid fields for lawyers are oil and gas and water right litigation? If the lawyers are involved that means ownership and how you define ownership is going to be huge issue in the future.

In the mean time here are 5 simple tips on you can do at home to conserve water.

Here are some simple tips on water conservation but click through to the article so you can see specifics on each item.

Listed below are five ways you can conserve water at little or no cost to you.

1. Wash and Rinse Reduction
2. Save on the Shave (or Brush)
3. Toilet Training
4. Lawn Lushes
5. Watch What You Eat

Read more at TheGreenists.com


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