Sustainability Starts With Our Kids


I have given a lot of thought on the issue of sustainability and it seems as if a people gravitate towards these ideals later in life. Maybe it has to do with experiencing the world and seeing the problems we face from an adult perspective. But what would happen if sustainability was taught at a very early age?

The Green School in Bali ( ) is the ideal model of what could be done if we choose to educate our children from day one. But even on a local level and working within our current school systems, change can be made as well.

The Green School in Denver  ( is a great example of like minded people coming together to educate our children on sustainability and that each of our actions do make a difference.

Can you imagine how different our world would be if these ideals were part of our education 50 years ago?  – John

Check out this video of the founder of the Green School in Bali talking at TED


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