Straw Bale Home Off The Grid In Taos


I first discovered straw bale homes about 7 years ago when we were moving to Oregon and looked at a development in Ashland Oregon. The homes we saw were amazing with walls that were approximately 24 inches thick and covered with a earth/clay mixture. We ended up not living in Ashland but I do think back on those homes and wonder why this old-new way of building a home ended up having such a niche presence in the building industry.

Which leads me to this great straw bale home that Eco Friend has done a write up on. This home is in Taos, New Mexico and is completely off the grid, using solar power (battery storage with inverter) to power the home and rainwater roof catchment and many more green technologies.

Living in the wild desert, where temperatures vary between extremes is a challenging task, and to uniquely suit the circumstances, Edge Architects from Taos, New Mexico, has designed a high desert home that will make living in the desert not only more convenient, but also greener. This house supposedly runs off grid and is completely self sufficient.

The outer walls of the house, including the north, west and eastern walls; all are clocked in straw bales and have a thickness of 24 inches. This unusual thickness of the walls prevents them from heating quickly, thereby, keeping the inside temperatures at bay, while the outside temperatures keep fluctuating. For quickly exhausting the trapped hot air inside, the skylight at the top of the stairway can be opened when required. During winters, the suns heat is allowed to penetrate deep inside the house and is absorbed by the floor and interior walls that will retain it and keep the house warm during evenings.

Via Eco Friend


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