The Benefits Of Going Green In A Down Housing Market


We all talk about how building sustainably is our responsibility as good custodians of our planet. But for those people on the fence about adding green elements to your home, there is one thing that everyone forgets to mention.

Going Green Will Fatten Your Bank Account When You Sell Your Home.

Well… I would like to think that people who choose to build with environmentally friendly products aren’t greedy capitalists but making money on your home because of your green choices is a nice bonus – John

Before joining Earth Advantage Institute (EAI), I moved to Bend, Oregon and built the greenest house that I could afford. I just sold this house in a down market. The asking price was $30,000 higher than the market value and I received a full-price offer less than twelve hours after the ‘For Sale’ sign was planted out front. Read More

Via Earth Advantage Institute

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