Simple Tips That You And I Can Do To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint


Being a Eco Warrior with the mission to save the Earth does not require you to turn your life upside down.  Most people forget that there are little things you can do that make a huge difference. So unchain yourself from the tree in your backyard and read these 15 tips by Mille Jefferson at Weekend America to reduce our carbon footprint. Below is a quick list of each item but click through so you can read more about each one.

1. Buy organic and local.
2. Pay attention to packaging.
3. Ditch bottled water.
4. Energy-proof your home.
5. Go native.
6. Window shop.
7. Take a direct flight.
8. Switch water heaters to vacation mode.
9. Unplug it!
10. Keep your car.
11. Chuck your microwave.
12. Use cold water.
13. Have the family over.
14. Make time for errands.
15. The Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


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