The Cork House by Arquitectos Anónimos


We never thought cork could be used on the exterior of a home but the Cork House in Portugal proves us wrong. This inexpensive material is is great way to decrease your carbon footprint by using materials that are sustainable.

The Cork House in Esposende, Portugal, designed by Arquitectos Anónimos and Paulo Teodósis, uses cork panels to cover the facades of the house. In a country that produces about half the cork used worldwide, it is a fairly cheap material to use, as well as eco-friendly, water-proof and insulating. The only surface not covered in cork are the windows facing the morning sun, so I guess this saves the house from having to be painted every few years. Arquitectos Anónimos admit that it is not the most common material used to cover the facades of houses, but in this case it proofed to be the right one. The house was finished in 2007 and still looks good. The cork panels ended up being a low cost and practical solution to protect the house. Now, we should think of using this material to our advantage in way it also looks good… Read More

Via Tree Hugger

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