The classic terracotta pot improved by cork!


The team at the Home Project have one-upped themselves again by taking the mundane terracotta pots and reinterpreting them in a modern and sustainable way. One of the benefits of using cork is that it will not break (I have broken many of these when moving them from one side of the yard to the other) and they will not scratch the surface of your table.

2 in 1: Ceramic and cork bowls that can be used separately or together. The cork bowl protects surfaces and hands while preserving heat inside the ceramic bowl.

The Home Project, a design studio based between Berlin and Portugal, have surprised us before with their curious choice for materials; egg cups made from salt, and speakers made from cork. Wonderfully simple, fully biodegradable and renewable is what we love about their products. Here is another one for you: a traditional terracotta flowerpot but made from cork called Vaso 2.0.

Apart from cork being a very sustainable material, it gives the flowerpot other advantages, such as making it unbreakable, antiseptic, and unable to scratch surfaces.

Via Tree Hugger

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