Students Build Greenest Home in Canada


When students can come up with a plan to build Canada’s Greenest Home that should only compel us to do more things around our own homes to decrease our carbon footprint. Every little bit counts, so swap out those light bulbs for more efficient ones and buy a programmable thermostat. Its the small things that make a difference.

What’s planned for construction by students on an infill lot and aiming to meet the Living Building Challenge with LEED Platinum certification?  That would be Canada’s Greenest Home in Ontario.  Students enrolled in The Endeavour Centre’s Sustainable New Construction: Building a New Future program will build the 2,000 square-foot home during a five-month period this summer.

The home is expected to use a fraction of the energy of a conventional home and will have an energy-efficient foundation, prefabricated straw bale walls, grid-tied photovoltaics, solar hot water, rainwater collection, greywater recycling, composting toilets, and natural paints and finishes.

Canada’s Greenest Home will go on sale at the end of the program and proceeds will be used to help offset tuition costs.  Before that, though, there’s a lot to follow — including a blog with student feedback and commentary on the build. Read More

Via Jetson Green


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