Cute Animal Bulletin Boards Made From Cork


This is a great inexpensive DIY project to add a creative touch to your children’s room. Purchase some underlayment from one of the big hardware stores, find some stencils online, trace them out and then cut them out. You can use double sided tape or even a tap of strong glue and your kids can pin up there next great masterpiece on them.

Nobody likes being beaten about the head with the eco-stick. As many of us have experienced, railing against friends and family about the state of the planet rarely produces favourable results, or in fact any result at all. That’s why TreeHugger is a fan of the beautiful, engaging and well designed message – we find these are the ones that get through. It’s no surprise then that TreeHugger’s very own Petz Scholtus has created a series of products which ticks all these boxes perfectly. Affected is the title of her cork bulletin board collection, which features very cute animals while at the same time quietly delivering a serious message. Read More

Via Treehugger

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