Cork Flooring: A modern floor choice


Architect Bob Borson was asked to install cork in one of his clients homes and below are some thoughts on his research on the product.

Cork flooring is a bit of a mystery – not just to me but to everyone I’ve ever asked … although they don’t all admit it. If you do any research on cork at all, you will find all sorts of conflicting information. Normally I could turn to my overwhelming experience and share more information than you would ever want to know except I have only used cork on the floor in a project once before – in this kitchen:

The client who requested this cork floor does a lot of entertaining and cooking so invariably spends hours at a time on her feet while in the kitchen. I do love the way this kitchen looks – so clean and modern – every time I look at it I ask myself “why aren’t more people using cork?”

I spent a lot of time looking for reasons to use or not use cork. I’ve skimmed millions of pro/con lists … and I have come to the conclusion that everybody has different opinions and experiences. People equally love it or hate it, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency and it’s driving me crazy!!!! The cork I’m talking about isn’t the stuff you buy to use on the typical bulletin board – that stuff is not nearly as dense and can fall apart fairly easily. No, the cork used for floors can be some amazing stuff. Read More

Via Life Of An Architect


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