Eichler And His Love Of Cork


Mid century architect Joseph Eichler used cork in most of his homes. Here is a quote from a sales brochure.

“One of the luxury features of an Eichler home is the cork floor… (It is) durable, easy to maintain, and easy on the feet; and its rich, natural tones add warmth and elegance to a room. Properly installed and properly maintained, it is virtually indestructible.”

3 Responses to “Eichler And His Love Of Cork”

  1. Sally Says:

    That’s the Kaufman House in Palm Springs, designed by Richard Neutra. The photo, by Julius Schulman, is one of the most iconic architectural images ever taken.

    Joseph Eichler was a developer. Most of the Eichler homes were designed by Robert Anshen, and later, A. Quincy Jones.

    • APC Cork Says:

      You are so right Sally. I pulled the wrong image from my archive of photographs. Thanks for pointing this out and providing insight on the 2 designers. – John

  2. Sally Says:

    No worries. Love your site.

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